Hilary Meredith

Position – CEO and Founder

Phone: 01625 53 99 22

Email: hilary@hmsolicitors.co.uk

CEO Hilary Meredith Solicitors Ltd
Public Affairs lawyer and lobbyist
Visiting Senior Lecturer University of Chester
Chair of the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group
Member of the Multi parliamentary Gulf War Group
Editor in Chief, Claims Management Magazine.

Hilary Meredith is CEO of Hilary Meredith Solicitors Ltd, a Senior Fellow of APIL, a past APIL EC member (1998 – 2007), Visiting Senior Lecturer at the University of Chester, and a former Military SIG Co-ordinator.

The past Managing Partner of a City centre law practice employing 300, Hilary launched her own firm in 2003 and established Hilary Meredith Solicitors as a market leader in the field of personal injury and Public Affairs.

Dealing with high profile cases with particular interest in claims on behalf of the UK armed services worldwide, Hilary has developed a reputation in Public Affairs and lobbying for the rights of the armed services personnel.

She has assisted and given evidence to the Parliamentary Select Defence Committee and successfully lobbied for changes in the recent SARAHs bill. She frequently puts questions to both houses and regularly meets with MPs.

The firm has collected a number of leading industry awards and accolades in recent years including, Business Woman of the year, PI Solicitor of the year and Media Campaign of the Year.

Hilary was awarded Visiting Senior Lecturer at Chester University in 2016 and is part of the universities steering committee for the Westminster Centre for Veterans wellbeing and care.

Hilary is a Law Society Panel member, panel member of Headway and SIA, member of AAJ and IBA, Chairman of the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group and member of the Parliamentary Gulf War Committee.

She continues to work tirelessly for all her clients who have suffered life changing injury and in particular with armed forces personnel at military rehabilitation centre RAF Hedley Court in Epsom. Her goal is to improve quality of life for the armed forces – and particularly for those after medical discharge, through adapted housing, rehabilitation, increased mobility and vocational work.

Hilary in addition is a campaigner to improve the rights of victims of injury. She regularly lobbies Parliament and the Select Defence Committee with issues affecting the Armed Forces including the recent SARAHs Bill, Requests for a AFCs check list by MOD and campaigning against The Fog of Law papers.

In 2015 she gave evidence to the Parliamentary Select Defence committee in relation to military fatalities whilst training for war, following her firm’s representation of the Brecon Beacons inquest.

She is currently Editor in Chief of the Claims Management Magazine and has made many media appearances for TV and Radio including Panorama, World in Action, Sky News, News at 10 and most National and Regional news programmes.

Her Twitter site currently attracts over 2000 followers including MP’s, Service Charities and Defence Journalists.

Hilary is currently the official sponsor of Jamie Burdekin the wheel chair paralympian who won a bronze in Beijing and is currently ranked 5th in the world.

Hilary is also involved in a campaign to provide specialist equipment to reduce the effects of blast injuries by road side bombs in Afghanistan (see website petition at House of Commons petition).

Cases of note

Green v MOD, the first claim brought against the Ministry of Defense following the Repeal of S10 Crown Proceedings (Armed Forces) Act 1947

Williams’s v MOD £5million in damages and a record win against MOD being the highest ever single award.

Ulrike Krauel German citizen in UK RTA. DM 5 million

Whitley and Others v US Government won on appeal to the 11th circuit courts in the US – $16million

Rundle v MOD king in the ring rugby tackle resulting in high legion spinal injury – 1million+

Markey v MOD military boxing match resulting in brain injury – £1million+

Harness v MOD shot in the head by friendly fire in Bosnia – £1million+

South Sea China helicopter disaster – £800,000.00

Johnson v MOD fatality – £800,000.00

Robert Strong v MOD – Gun shot to groin (friendly fire) £1million+

Watson v MOD – RTA, catapulted through the windscreen and landed in the rear of trailer in front whilst on night time reconnaissance in Gulf War1 (severe head injury) £1million+

Maloney Dickinson v MOD – husband drowned whilst abseiling £700,000.00

Susan Johnson v MoD -husband killed when flare exploded in mouth £700,000.00

Shaun Fowler v MoD – severe head injury sustained whilst taking part in riot training in Spandau £1million+

Scott Preece – RTA hit by dust cart – £500,000+

Judicial Review of the Legal Aid Board multi party committee 1997

Carl Roberts v MOD – driving drops vehicle in Bosnia transporting water vehicle overturned trapping him in the vehicle suffering spinal injuries. £1million+

John Oral v MOD – Gulf War 1 hit by land mine – £1million+

Danny Acres v MOD – shot in the head whilst on guard duty – £1million+

Rob Smith v MOD – shot in stomach at camp gate in Aldershot after walking girlfriend home on Christmas Eve £1million+

Kyle Thornton v MIB child RTA severe brain injury £5milliom+

Ivor Walker v MOD – spinal injury when Tornado crash landed in Saudi controlled airfield when landing nets left up £1milliom+

Ian Davidson-Watts v MoD – spinal injuries as a result of helicopter crash – £1million+

Paul Wilkinson v MOD – severe head injury driving a petrol tanker in Bosnia, brakes failed, managed to steer into a wall and avoid military check point – £1million+

Elaine McLellan v MOD – fatality husband drowned whilst on a military diving exercise

Kate Saunders v MOD – severe burns following ejection from a Harriet jet after bird strike.

Ashley Stevenson v MOD – pilot who pulled Kate Saunders from wreckage saving her life whilst suffering severe lower limb/hip injuries


APIL Executive Member 1998-2007

Awarded APIL Senior Fellow status

National Chair of the Royal British Legion Solicitors Group

Member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel

Member of the American Association for Justice

Member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance

Member of the Spinal Injuries Association

Member of the US Million Dollar club for damages recovered for clients in a single action exceeding $1million

Member of the Spinal Injuries Association and SIA Cornflower Ball Committee


Editor in Chief of the Claims Management Magazine.

Contributor to APIL PI Focus,

Insurance Times Magazine,

Claims Management Magazine,

Law Society Gazette,

Reported in most National and Regional papers with appearances on Sky News, BBC and ITV, interviews with breakfast TV and national and regional radio.

Documentaries with, Panorama, World in Action, 5D.

Evidence given to House of Commons Select Defence Committee 1990 and 1995.