Accidents & Illness at Sea Claims

Over recent years there has been a steady growth in the number of people taking cruises but whether you suffer injury or illness as a passenger on board a cruise liner, ship, ferry or boat, at Hilary Meredith Solicitors Ltd, we have considerable experience in pursuing compensation claims against cruise companies, ferry operators and other carriers.

Some of the more common accidents that occur on cruise ships are:

  • Food poisoning from the ships catering
  • Slipping on wet decking
  • Accidents whilst using the ships facilities such as the swimming pool
  • Illness caused by poor hygiene such as Norovirus or Legionnaires disease
  • Injuries due to poor health and safety measures
  • Ship, ferry or boat collisions and evacuations

Our knowledge of these cases enables us to give you the best advice on how the International rules, which exist to protect passengers travelling by sea, affect your compensation claim.

Maritime Law is a complex area of the law but we can advise and guide you on who you should bring the claim against and where you should bring the claim so that if you are successful, you receive the maximum amount of compensation. Critically as this is a complex area of law, we will always strive to keep our advice simple, straightforward and relevant.

There are very strict rules on time limits for bringing a claim following an accident, injury or illness aboard a cruise ship or other vessel at sea. It is usually only 2 years from the date of disembarkation so it is therefore vital that you contact us as soon as possible afterwards.

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