Airlines cheating passengers out of millions of pounds

Airlines are cheating passengers out of millions of pounds in compensation for delayed flights, an investigation has found.

Ryanair, British Airways, Norwegian, Thomson and Emirates are among the worst offenders, the consumer group Which? claims.

Passengers flying from the EU or with an EU airline are entitled to up to £530 if their flight is at least three hours late.

But Which? found airlines were wriggling out of paying up.

 The Spanish budget airline Vueling, which is owned by the same parent company as British Airways, was told to pay passengers in 79 per cent of cases, while Ryanair was close behind on 77 per cent.

BA had 1,166 flights delayed by more than three hours and was advised by the CAA to pay up in 48 per cent of cases. Thomson had to pay up in 69 per cent of appeals, Thomas Cook was overruled in 41 per cent of cases, and EasyJet decisions were overturned 39 per cent of the time.

 It is appalling that some airlines will hit passengers with a double whammy – often ruining their holiday.

 Firstly delays are often accompanied by poor communication and failures to provide food, drink and accommodation contrary to European law.  They them attempt to rely on technical legal arguments to avoid paying compensation – or, in some case, ignore claims all together in the hope they’ll go away.

Holidaymakers deserve better.

 Steve Ireland