Arabella Churchill and HRH The Crown Prince (now King) of Sweden – a personal tale

Noting that Gary Oldman received best actor award for his portrayal of Churchill last night reminded me of a romantic story.

When I was little my parents took me to London for half term. Whilst there I picked up what looked like a nice piece of paper from the street pavement with a nice blue, red and gold emblem on it.

Years later my mother found it clearing out the loft of my old toys.

It’s an invitation to Miss Arabella S Churchill’s for dinner on the 22nd October 1970 from the Swedish Ambassador to meet HRH The Crown Prince of Sweden.  It’s ticked accepted in the top right hand corner in pen.

On the back of the ticket is written:

Please don’t give me a ticket – the car has broken down I will get it taken away as soon as possible.

This is possibly why I found it on the street – it must have blown off the car windscreen.

I looked this up on the internet and was astonished to find that Arabella Churchill was romantically linked to the Crown Prince of Sweden in the late ‘70’s. Could this be the first time they ever met and was this the beginning of a romance?

I did know Winston Churchill’s nephew, the late Winston Churchill MP, had he still been alive I could have asked him.  Anabella Churchill has since also passed away so I suppose I will never know.