Armed Forces Bill – MoD light years away from being fit for purpose

The Armed Forces Bill received its second reading in the House of Commons on Monday, introduced by Veterans Minister, Johnny Mercer.

This was a 5 year review opportunity to really make a difference but sadly fell short of the support desperately needed for armed forces veterans and families.

I’m not sure why the military community is so short changed – not just financially but in terms of welfare and legal services too.

When signing up for the armed forces you literally agree to give up certain rights which we all take for granted. There is no trade union that has your back and you cannot access independent legal advice or support to defend your name when falsely accused.

On becoming a veteran there is also little help in transitioning into Civvy Street, the chain of command has gone and you are on your own. There is far too much reliance on charitable help which many are too proud to access.

The MoD remains light years away from being a fit for purpose, sustainable employer.

Hilary Meredith