Army sent soldier back to frontline in Afghanistan with PTSD

There was a disturbing story in the Sunday Mirror at the weekend about a soldier who was sent back to the frontline in Afghanistan when suffering from PTSD.

Sean Jones, who was awarded the military cross, says he was diagnosed by a military doctor 8 years ago – but never told.  He was sent back to Afghanistan – the cause of nightmares that tore his life apart.

Sean, who signed up at 16, had been broken by years of nightmares and flashbacks following three tours of Afghanistan.

The Colour Sergeant says he finally uncovered the truth six days ago, after contemplating suicide.

Sean, 30, says a GP accessed his records and found he had been diagnosed by an Army Medic in 2009.

The MoD owes a duty of care to all personnel.  They failed Sean, like they have failed others before him, miserably here.

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Hilary Meredith