Army veteran left homeless by council is an utter disgrace

There is a shocking story in the news today about an army veteran who is facing homelessness after officials refused him accommodation because he is not addicted to drink or drugs.

39 year old Matthew Dennis, spent nine years in the army, serving in Northern Ireland and Bosnia and reaching the rank of lance corporal.

He was evicted from his rented flat last week after losing his job as a kitchen fitter, a job he had held down since leaving the armed forces in 2000.

He turned to his local council for help but was told he did not qualify for its priority housing list as he did not have a problem with drugs or alcohol and was classed as not vulnerable.

The Armed Forces Covenant outlines a duty of care our society owes our armed services, who have represented the country – and in this case the council is clearly failing to uphold the Covenant.

It is an utter, utter, disgrace.

Hilary Meredith