Army widow starts new campaign on soldier suicide

An army widow has started a new campaign to ensure soldiers are recognised for their service by the Coroner’s Court and Armed Forces Memorial.

Jo Jukes lost her military veteran husband, Dave Jukes, when he took his own life on 9th October 2018.

Since his tragic death, she has campaigned tirelessly for greater mental health support for veterans who leave the army.

Jo wants to make sure that no other family suffers like she did when trying to get mental health support for her husband.

At the Inquest into Dave Jukes’ death in July 2019, Assistant Coroner Emma Brown was so persuaded by the impact military service had on his mental health, that she put “Army Veteran” on his death certificate. This is believed to the first time a Coroner has recognised an army veteran in this way.

Solicitor Sinead Cartwright from Hilary Meredith Solicitors represented Jo and her family at the Inquest into his death and is now supporting her campaign to ensure soldiers are recognised for their service by the Coroner’s Court.

Said Sinead: “Jo is a very impressive woman who is fighting not only for the rights of her own family, but also for the wider veteran community who have also suffered such losses in such tragic circumstances.

“Jo feels so strongly about these issues that she campaigns tirelessly and works with a wide range of agencies to make sure that lessons are learnt and that families are supported both before and after death.

“She wants her husband’s Article 2 Inquest and subsequent Regulation 28 and Death Certificate to be seen as a precedent in veteran suicides, so other soldiers can have their service and sacrifice recognised on the Armed Forces Memorial.”