Brecon Beacons Inquest

The inquest into the deaths of three SAS reservists in the Brecon Beacons will bring ‘the full facts to light’, according to coroner Louise Hunt.

The inquest is examining the deaths of Lance Corporal Edward Maher, Lance Corporal Craig Roberts and Corporal James Dunsby during a training exercise on Pen y Fan on the Brecon Beacons.  Clare Stevens, director at Hilary Meredith Solicitors, is involved in the Inquest and will comment in due course.

Yesterday, Mike Yardley, an ex Army Officer was interviewed on Sky News re Brecon and shockingly seemed to find it acceptable in a “roughy toughy army” for 3 fatalities on one training exercise.  His comments were simply unacceptable.

Mr Yardley was also incorrect in his facts and interpretation of the law.  Crown immunity was removed in 1987 not 2007. There are no “ambulance chasing” lawyers involved but rather conscientious lawyers – often acting free of charge – who have been assisting military personnel and their families since 1987.

Without inquisitive specialist lawyers there would be no checks or balances to question the Ministry of Defence and improve systems for the better.

Hilary Meredith