Brecon Beacons Service Inquiry – serious failings and no reassurance for the future

The releasable extracts of the Service Inquiry into the deaths of 3 soldiers in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, in July 2013 have been published today – and the report reflects very poorly on the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

We have been saying for  years that the MOD does not learn lessons after tragic incidents and today they admit it in their own Service Inquiry into the deaths of Cpl James Dunsby, LCpl Craig Roberts and LCpl Edward Maher.

The Inquiry admits that information from previous training fatalities was not exploited, lessons were identified but not learnt and opportunities to improve procedures were missed.  All in  all, it points to serious failings.

Almost four years on, they admit lessons are only just being learnt despite a number of ‘near misses’ in the intervening years.

There is also no reassurance that this will not happen again. This is just not acceptable. We cannot have any faith that the MoD takes its duty to keep its soldiers safe seriously.

Despite the acknowledgment of these failings, the MoD avoids prosecution. This cannot continue and the MoD cannot be trusted to police itself any longer.

Clare Stevens