Chilcot – now we know why MoD is pushing for combat immunity to cover Whitehall procurement decisions

The long awaited Chilcot report was published today and its findings explain why the MoD is pushing to extend the scope of combat immunity to Whitehall procurement decisions.

Chilcot makes it clear that our troops were sent to war with poor equipment.  Will the MoD now accept responsibility for putting our servicemen and women in this position?

It is now becoming clear why the MoD is pushing hard for combat immunity to cover procurement of equipment back in Whitehall.

Combat immunity is there to protect military operations when thinking is impaired in the heat of battle.  It cannot relate to procurement decisions back at Whitehall where corners have been cut, and our soldiers have been placed in danger,  in an attempt to save money.

Hilary Meredith

Hilary recently gave evidence at the official Parliamentary inquiry into controversial accusations of unlawful killing against Iraq war veterans. She also gave evidence to the Committee which recently recommended the MoD should be stripped of historic immunity from prosecution when personnel are killed during training when there is a serious failing in its duty of care.