Chris Grayling’s Judicial Review Bill has fallen apart after he admitted misleading the Commons.

What utter humiliation for the worst Lord Chancellor in living memory.

I have following another Bill – the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill – recently to ensure the Ministry of Defence will not be able to avoid its responsibilities to members of the Armed Forces.

In doing so I have met with a number of MPs and members of the House of Lords to campaign for the rights of Armed Forces service personnel.

The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill is clearly a waste of parliamentary legislative time.

What was once considered the best legal system in the world is being systematically destroyed by the likes of Grayling because he has foolishly listened to the insurance companies who tell him there is a compensation culture, when if he looked to his own courts he would realise cases are down year on year. There is NO compensation culture – it is a myth.

In addition, the government’s messing around with the way legal fees are paid has meant the courts are now overloaded with hearings to agree costs instead of decisions on legal issues.

Why don’t they for once listen to the lawyers who see the distress caused to clients who are in need of legal intervention in their lives whether they have lost a loved one, need help in exiting a bad marriage or defending against a criminal charge?

Are once great legal system admired from Dickensian times is being systematically destroyed by politicians who don’t know what they are talking about.  I for one am not prepared to stand by and let this happen.
Hilary Meredith