Civil Liability Bill – another attack on society’s most seriously injured people

I am extremely concerned that the Civil Liability Bill, published by David Gauke, the justice secretary and lord chancellor, will result in people with catastrophic injuries returning to a situation where their compensation will not meet their needs.

I act for catastrophically injured young soldiers who have served their country.   They need every penny when they are left with life-changing injuries through no fault of their own.

Even the wisest and risk free investment struggles to provide care and income for an 18 year old who will survive his patents  What will happen to these victims when the money runs out?  Who will care for them, the State?  Why doesn’t the Government encourage insurers to pay their liabilities from the premiums they’ve raked in to save the State inevitably picking up the shortfall in years to come?
These questions, and many more, require urgent answers before this legislation comes into force.

Hilary Meredith