Claims and compensation DOWN!

I have now read the Ministry of Defence’s Annual Claims report and have the following observations:

1. There were 3535 claims made in 2011/2012. In 2012/2013 there were 2793.  Claims are down, despite what you might read  about the “compensation culture”.

2.  £67.3 million was paid out in 2011/2012.  In 2012/2013 £52.3 million was paid out.  Compensation is down as well – again, despite what you might read !

3. 60% of claims relate to Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

4. Public Liability claims were mainly from civilians and a large number are Iraqi national claims.  A major reason for this is that UK forces wrongly held the belief that the UN mandate allowed then to detain Iraqi civilians for security reasons.

5. £8.2million was paid to civilians rendered deaf working in MOD establishments .

These are, of course,  all inconvenient truths that the Ministry of Defence will choose to ignore in its disinformation campaign against “ambulance chasers”.