Crown Immunity – statement from Margaret and Kelvin Roberts

“In June last year we sat through four weeks of evidence at the inquest, listening to the failures after failures that occurred on that awful day that Craig  died.

In March we witnessed the HSE issue the Crown Censure to the MoD and  we felt that  it was so inadequate for the three deaths.

We are therefore, very pleased that the Select Defence Committee has stated that the MoD’s immunity to prosecution must change. We totally agree that when the HSE issue a Crown Censure to the MoD it must be made possible for them to be  prosecuted.

As the committee states ‘The lives of serving personnel are worth no less than those of civilians and those responsible for their deaths must be equally liable under the law’ “.

We have lost a wonderful, loving son – his death was totally avoidable.

Margaret and Kelvin Roberts
Proud and heartbroken parents of Lance Corporal Craig Roberts BSc