Cut too deep

Sirens should be sounding all over Whitehall today in response to the National Audit Office (NAO) report into the viability of the MOD’s cuts to our regular armed forces  saying they “significantly affect the Army’s ability to achieve its objectives and value for money”.  The report can be found here

The head of the NAO Amyas Morse  says: “Military judgement played an important role in decisions but committing to moving towards an Army structure with fewer regular soldiers and an increased number of reserves within the planned timescale should have been subject to more rigorous testing of feasibility”.

At the risk of repeating my previous blogs on this subject, you won’t win anything without well paid and well kitted out experienced men out on the ground.  The Middle East is far from stable, eastern Europe is at odds with itself, China, Africa and yet this slash and burn policy means we can already seat the entire regular British Army into Wembley Stadium, just 87,000 trained troops as at April this year.  It’s a mess, isn’t it?

by Grant Evatt, Partner