End of Ulster witch-hunt? Let’s hope so

I was pleased to read that police and prosecutors will be banned by law from turning investigations of British troops in Northern Ireland into a ‘witch-hunt’.

Ministers have begun work on legislation which will compel authorities to treat historical cases with ‘proportionality’, reports the Daily Mail.

Under proposals being drafted in Whitehall, there would be an upper age limit on who could be investigated, a five-year time limit on how long an inquiry can last, and a limit on maximum sentences for anyone found guilty.

These new proposals are eminently sensible and a good starting point – even if they are long overdue.

A five year time limit and an upper age limit is a great starting point to eliminate what are, in many cases, bogus claims.

However the MoD is still not proactively standing behind our servicemen and women and actively supporting them with independent legal advice, funding, welfare and moral support. This is the very least they should be doing under the military covenant.

Hilary Meredith