Enjoy your skiing break – but take care

For those leaving this week for half term skiing, please take care. Ski conditions are different this year with late snow fall.

Bad weather makes for congested lower slopes.  With my family now older, I travel outside of school holidays now when the slopes are hopefully less busy.

Having just returned, this year we hit Austrian school holidays which are timed 6 weeks before Easter.

There has been heavy snow fall, with temperatures slightly higher than normal but with strong winds and gusting snow, skiers were forced to the lower slopes packed with school children in lessons.  As a result, the lower slopes became seriously and dangerously congested. Advanced and intermediary skiers were travelling too fast on lower slopes and we witnessed a number of collisions and accidents.

In addition avalanche alert was at its highest. An orange flashing light at a ski lift means high risk, so take care. Even though likely avalanche spots are blasted with dynamite this is not foolproof and you are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

Keep alert and always wear a tracker or ski with someone who has one. They are usually sown into your equipment but you can buy cheaper ones you simply attach to your boots.

Skiing on virgin powder snow is the best but with a high risk of avalanche stick to the piste.

It’s just not worth the risk – to you others.  Above all, have fun but be safe.


Hilary Meredith