“Exasperated” Wallace knows where the buck stops

In an unprecedented move, The Times is reporting that Ben Wallace has summoned senior army generals to the Ministry of Defence for a dressing-down after becoming “exasperated” by a number of “worrying incidents” relating to culture and conduct in the service.

It is the first time the defence secretary has “summoned” top brass to express his frustration with the way in which the army has handled allegations and procurement programmes.

The Defence Secretary is to be congratulated for taking this extraordinary stance. The British Army must uphold the highest standards and set an example to the rest of the world.
Ultimately, the buck stops at the top.

In recent years, I have witnessed first-hand the systematic failings within the Ministry of Defence in relation to the investigation of IHAT cases.

In one of the most shameful episodes in modern legal history, thousands of British soldiers who served in Iraq from 2003 to 2009 were falsely accused of brutality and abuses against civilians. Over 4000 claims were made against our armed forces – many of which were fraudulent.

A robust system of investigation would have confirmed this at the outset. Instead, a terrible price has been paid by the accused: shattered families, broken marriages, ruined finances, stalled careers, poor mental and physical health.

Hilary Meredith