Failing Grayling


Chris Grayling’s  Social Action, Responsibility  and Heroism Bill gets its first reading tomorrow – but all this serves to do is to undermine our legal system and the credibility of our judges.

Mr Grayling clearly does not understand that unmeritorious claims against employers for accidents at work are turned down by good lawyers, fought to the hilt by insurers and lost in court if they come before the judge.

There has to be a sensible balance.   Without claims there are no checks on employers for bad practice in the workplace and safety standards would drop.

As Mr Grayling must surely realise accident claims are down year on year and myth of compensation culture had been well and truly quashed.  Or is he listening to the insurance industry again which, whilst insisting we all take out our insurance, don’t want to pay out if there is a claim?

Suing your boss is a very difficult decision with fears of losing employment, promotion and friendships. It is my experience that only only when employers take a cavalier attitude to health and safety that serious claims are made.