Fair trials now impossible after Panorama programme

Hilary Meredith Solicitors says Panorama’s War Crimes Scandal Exposed has made it impossible for soldiers and veterans to receive a fair trial in the event of any future prosecutions.

Breaches against service personal and veterans include:

– Article 6, Human Right Act, Right to a Fair Trial.
– Article 8, Human Rights Act, Right to a Private and Family Life.
– General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – a baseline set of standards for companies that handle personal data.

Said Hilary Meredith, Chair of Hilary Meredith Solicitors:

“This new evidence has no credibility whatsoever. It is biased and there is a clear conflict of interest. It breaches both the Human Rights Act and GDPR.

“The so-called IHAT detectives interviewed by Panorama are civilian investigators from staffing services provider Red Snapper, a company paid over £20 million for its discredited investigation on behalf of IHAT.

“The conduct of Red Snapper’s investigators was heavily criticised during the Parliamentary Inquiry into IHAT. The Inquiry heard how they turned up on family doorsteps and at barracks’ gates demanding information or threatening arrest, when they had no legal authority to do so. Soldiers who left military service many years ago, and had settled into civilian life were subjected to bully-boy tactics by investigators posing as detectives and falsely accused of unlawful killing. The only conviction that arose from IHAT was of one of its private investigators for impersonating a police officer.”

Concluded Hilary:

“IHAT’s closure also came at a price – not only the cost to the taxpayer but the shattered lives, careers, marriages and health of those falsely accused over many years.”