Fake claims against British soldiers are a national scandal

An Iraqi refugee has admitted arranging hundreds of fake abuse claims against British soldiers in Iraq.
Basim Al-Sadoon, 37, said the racket he was involved in was aimed at winning payouts from the Ministry of Defence.
Mr Al-Sadoon ran an office in Basra where he handled accusations made by locals against the British Army.
He said clients exaggerated claims, produced bogus paperwork and falsely accused soldiers of wrongdoing.
‘It was a racket, all of it,’ he told The Sun. ‘All these people cared about was money. It was like a claims factory and it didn’t matter if the claims were true or false.’
Mr Al-Sadoon was hired by UK-based Iraqi Mazin Younis. Mr Younis, 59, was paid £1.6million in 2009 for passing clients to a UK law firm. He also received £500 from disgraced lawyer Phil Shiner for every claimant he secured.

Mr Al-Sadoon said he helped to find more than 300 clients.
This is nothing short of a national scandal – not least because these cases were largely funded by MoD money with (false) evidence put forward against our brave servicemen and women.  It is truly shocking.
As a lawyer acting for those who were wrongly accused, I know that there was no funding available to them to defend themselves we had to even fight for the right for this.
The traumas and untold psychological consequences this has caused to those wrongly accused is unforgivable.
Hilary Meredith