Festival of Remembrance – honoured to be invited

I am honoured to have been invited by the Royal British Legion to attend the Festival of Remembrance held on Saturday night at the Royal Albert Hall.  Having attended once before in 2003, I was humbled and at the same time filled with patriotism and awe for all those who have served in all wars for their country.

Another lasting memory was the age group of families and widows – they are so very young. When paying homage to those who have fallen one usually thinks of veterans of the first and second World Wars but in recent times many more heroes have served in Gulf War 1, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am aware that the Royal British Legion are taking time to engage with and encourage the young to take an active interest in supporting the legion in particular the, “voices of the service children,” who are recording this year’s Poppy Appeal single. They have also been signed by Decca to produce a Christmas album – their angelic voices will guarantee there is not to a dry eye in the house. They are singing at the Albert Hall on Saturday in front of the Queen and I can’t wait to hear them.

The Festival of Remembrance is watched by over five million people on television which confirms the support and importance we place as a nation on our armed forces and all those who serve. Whilst it’s a sad time of reflection it’s also uplifting to come together in support. We will remember them.