First Gulf War

It is 25 years since British involvement in the First Gulf War.

I remember Margaret Thatcher making the decision to go to war and, in the aftermath, how we fought for justice for those who served and the legacy which became known as Gulf War Syndrome.

Of course there wasn’t a syndrome as such this but this was the name the press put to the many conditions we were seeing due to various exposures – from British troops being given nerve gas pills, to the bombardment of inoculations, depleted uranium from burnt out vehicles and the smoke from the burning oil wells Saddam Hussein set on fire.

The case collapsed on a Counsel’s opinion to the legal aid board which basically accepted the illnesses our troops were suffering from but concluded that it would be too expensive for taxpayers’ money to prove it.

It is ironic that 25 years later huge amounts of Legal Aid money is now to available to fighting insurgents trying to sue our brave troops.

Hilary Meredith