Flawed SAS investigation is a national disgrace

A multi-million-pound investigation into claims that the SAS covered up war crimes failed to find any evidence.

Detectives launched the probe – which cost £6 million, according to defence sources – after being tipped off that SAS soldiers had doctored official reports and used fake photographs in an attempt to hide civilian deaths in Afghanistan.

Police officers were so determined to prove their case that they used a software programme to secretly monitor Special Forces troops using computers in a bid to catch them out, The Mail on Sunday reports.

The investigation was launched last year into claims that SAS soldiers had placed pistols and rifles known to be used by the Taliban near dead civilians to make them look like enemy fighters – a practice known as ‘drop weapons’.

Military police believed they could expose this practice by confirming that the serial numbers for these weapons appeared repeatedly in official accounts of SAS battles.  However, not a single instance of drop weapons being used was revealed by the investigation.

This flawed investigation is yet another example of the witch hunt against our troops who have fought bravely for their country in war zones.

Hundreds of heroes lives’ have already been ruined by the £57m Iraq Historic Allegations Team – set up in 2010 – to pursue allegations of wrongdoing during the Iraq War.  Now those who served in Northern Ireland are also being pursued and provided with no support from the MoD.  Shouldn’t we be spending this money, time and resources defending our brave armed forces?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – it is a national disgrace.

Hilary Meredith