Foreign Accident Claims

If you have been injured or become ill whilst on holiday, whilst travelling or whilst away on business you may be entitled to bring a claim for compensation against the person or organisation responsible for your injury or illness.

If your holiday is a package holiday then you may be entitled to claim against the tour operator for injury or illness but claims can be made if you are travelling as an independent traveller. If you are travelling for work or working abroad then you may be entitled to claim against your employer if they failed to take reasonable steps to ensure that your safety was not unduly compromised.

Common foreign accidents can be:

  • Road Traffic accidents
  • Accidents in hotels
  • Slips or trips on the street
  • Slips or trips in a hotel
  • Food poisoning in a restaurant
  • Victim of violent crime abroad

Wherever your accident occurred, at Hilary Meredith Solicitors Ltd we have the expertise and experience to give you early practical and relevant advice on the important issues like who you can pursue your claim against and where you can pursue your claim. We will give you the best advice on your options and we will, where necessary, work with our network of foreign lawyers and experts whose involvement could be essential to the success of your claim.

We have experience of pursuing claims in most European Countries and beyond including the United States, Canada, Australia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt and in many more locations. 

As the time limit for pursuing a foreign claim varies from country to country and can be as short as one year from the date of the accident, it is essential that if you have been injured abroad and you think you may have a compensation claim for an accident, injury or illness whilst in a foreign country, that you contact us as soon as possible.

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