Fulfilling our duties to armed forces veterans – conference tomorrow

I am looking forward to attending The Return to ‘Civvy Street’: Fulfilling Our Duties to Armed Forces Veterans conference at the Grange Wellington Hotel in London tomorrow.
Whilst many of the 2.6 million former service personnel go on to lead healthy and productive lives, some veterans still face significant challenges in transitioning to civilian life.
Research by Hilary Meredith Solicitors highlights the grim reality of life on Civvy Street for former members of UK Armed Forces, with 54% not owning their own home and 60% struggling financially.
This important event will provide local military units, local authorities, armed forces champions, public health commissioners, employment support services and other key stakeholders, with an invaluable opportunity to analyse the challenges facing Britain’s veterans. It will also enable all stakeholders to formulate strategies for meeting post-service housing needs and providing support to those experiencing drug and alcohol dependency.
Hilary Meredith