Further proof of why AFCS is failing to protect our soldiers

There is a disturbing story in today’s Daily Mail.


Simon Vaughan was awarded £1.1m after his vehicle hit by bomb in Afghanistan.  The 31-year-old soldier was left brain-damaged and in a wheelchair after blast.  His wife Donna, 33, walked out on him in 2013 after squandering his payout.

Those who follow my blog know this is a subject close to my heart.

It is a classic case of the MoD paying a lump sum AFCS award without any checks on mental capacity or putting an element for future care in a trust to protect it – not only from divorce but to maintain means tested benefits.

As Mr Vaughan has a brain injury the Court of Protection should clearly have been involved in this case.

What is also needed – and is something we have been tirelessly campaigning parliament on – is the need for wounded troops to be referred to specialist legal and financial advisors before they receive awards through the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS).   The current system whereby a member of our armed forces receives payment of his award direct to a bank account with no safeguards that the money won’t be exploited by someone other than the wounded recipient is complete folly and must be urgently addressed – as this case shows.

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Hilary Meredith