Gove in, Grayling out

I see Michael Gove is the new Justice Minister with a mandate to stamp out the Human Rights Act in 100 days.

As Catrin Griffiths says in The Lawyer Magazine today Gove is a controversial but heavyweight politician.

David Cameron’s decision to put him in charge of the Ministry of Justice shows that he needs a big beast in order to weather the storms over the potential scrapping of the Act.

As a personal injury lawyer you might think I agree with the Human Rights Act.  Well, I don’t.  My view is that the damage it has caused far outweighs any advantages.

For our Armed Forces,  Human Rights on the battlefield have been an outrageous waste of time and money.  Insurgents have been allowed British legal aid to sue our military.

As a lawyer who acts for the military (not against) the damage to moral and the confusion this has caused has been shocking.

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Hilary Meredith