Help for Heroes and the devastating financial impact of Covid-19

I was sad to read about the devastating financial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on Help for Heroes.

The armed forces charity this week announced the difficult decision to undergo a major restructure in order to protect their life-changing recovery services.

Help for Heroes rely on public donations for 97% of income but this has reduced hugely over recent months with all planned face-to-face fundraising events and activities since April either cancelled or postponed. They also anticipate a 30% reduction in regular income over the coming years with the ongoing economic recession.

This loss of income, coupled with a significant surge in demand for their recovery services during the height of the pandemic, means they have no choice but to review their service delivery and put 142 staff roles at risk. As a result of the proposed changes, they anticipate making up to 90 redundancies.

All military charities (and charities generally) have been hit by the financial impact of Covid-19. It is particularly serious for charities such as Help for Heroes and Combat Stress (to name but two) as they do vital work in putting service personnel and veterans on the road to recovery.

It is a very sad fact that those who served their country so bravely are then so reliant on charity for support. Can our government or the Ministry of Defence not commit to annual financial support to assist in these unprecedented times?

Hilary Meredith