Here we go again – Let’s target fake claims not our troops

There have been calls over the weekend for the SAS to be investigated over allegations special forces illegally killed dozens of people during the war in Afghanistan. Alongside an investigation by the Royal Military Police, a civil claim is being brought alleging special forces unlawfully killed civilians in Helmand Province during a hunt for Taliban leaders.

Having acted for our armed forces for over 25 years, these claims (like so many others before them) simply do not ring true.

I strongly suspect a more accurate account is contained in another report over the weekend, where a whistleblowing agent claims Iraqi civilians alleging abuse by US troops were told to target the UK’s MoD instead because it was known to pay out.

He apparently said: “I was personally responsible for collecting the documents from the people and I found many were not detained by British forces. Many had documents referring to the American forces at that time, especially at Um Qasar jail – Camp Bucca. But they cannot sue them, so they say, ‘OK, let’s make it the British’. They knew they were fake claims.”

The source says Mazin Younis, the agent knew claims were fake.   It is this claim that needs to be fully investigated before any accusations are made against UK service personnel and more lives are unnecesarily ruined all over again.

Hilary Meredith