Hilary Meredith calls for the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) to be shut down

Hilary Meredith is today calling for the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) to be shut down.

Says Hilary:

“There has been much reported about Ihat including the bully-boy tactics of investigators posing as detectives with powers of arrest when non-existed.

“The rights afforded to anyone arrested by the police under PACE have also been completely absent.

“Then there was the collapse of the Al-Sweady Inquiry where it was discovered that the so-called Iraqi civilians were in fact insurgents.

“We also have yesterday’s confirmation that solicitor Phil Shiner has been taking taxpayers’ money to bring unfounded fraudulent claims by Iraqis. He has admitted to 18 counts of 24 allegations against him and it seems he was driven by greed and corruption rather than a professional passion for any justice.”

Concluded Hilary:

“Justice must surely be the closing of these now farcical investigations.

“There can be no credibility left for any evidence brought against the British military.”