Inquest into the death Cpl Darren Neilson

Cpl Darren Neilson was killed alongside Cpl Matthew Hatfield, when a tank exploded during a live firing exercise in the UK.

Clare Stevens from Hilary Meredith Solicitors represented Cpl Darren Neilson’s wife, Jemma Neilson at the Inquest into his death.

She said:

“Yet again we’ve heard of systemic failings within the MOD and more evidence of an organisation¬† which does not appear to value safety.

‚ÄúThis tragedy was an accident waiting to happen and the events of 14th June 2017 provided the perfect storm through a catalogue of failings. Time and time again we hear that lessons will be learned but where’s the evidence? There needs to be an immediate cultural change to safety within the MOD.”