Johnny Mercer absolutely right to highlight shameful betrayal of our brave troops

There is an excellent column by Johnny Mercer, Conservative MP and member of the Defence Select Committee, in today’s Daily Mail.

The statute of limitations – veterans protection inquiry is an “investigation into the question of how former service personnel can be protected from the spectre of investigation and re-investigation for events that happened many years, and often decades, earlier”.

As a former soldier who served in Afghanistan, Mr Mercer says the British Army is the most professional fighting force on earth.  I agree.

He calls those who wish to trash the reputation of our brave service personnel abhorrent and says the Ministry of Defence is the most at fault in this sorry tale of prosecutions for historical allegations. He’s right.

Mr Mercer also says the Government must regulate as it is the only way to reduce the impact of human rights law on military operations. Again, he is absolutely correct.

The good the Human Rights Act was brought in to do has been overshadowed by abuse of the Act and legislation is needed to put a stop to this abuse once and for all.

Having acted for members of the armed forces since 1988 I have nothing but total respect for their honourable, brave service.

To my mind, it is not far from treason to persecute our troops by bringing false claims on behalf of Iraqis and Afghans.

The word “deluded ” used in the Defence Committee  to describe the behaviour of Human Rights lawyers bringing these claims seems wholly appropriate.