Johnny Mercer leading by example in Ukraine

MP Johnny Mercer have bravely visited the frontline in Ukraine for a new Channel 4 documentary which airs on Sunday 3 April.

Former soldier Mr Mercer was invited to the country by Ukranian MPs. He journeyed from Poland to Lviv and then Kyiv to experience first-hand the realities of war and offer his support to his Ukrainian counterparts.

He has said that he wants the film to convey the “amazing resilience and bravery” of the people he met in Ukraine and hopes that it “helps my colleagues and the British public make the right decisions about how we can all support Ukraine to get through this conflict, which is our generation’s righteous fight.”

I applaud Johnny Mercer for leading by example – as he did in Northern Ireland last year when supporting the late Dennis Hutchings, the army veteran who passed away while on trial over a fatal shooting during Northern Ireland’s Troubles.

Hilary Meredith-Beckham