Johnny Mercer MP – standing for our armed forces

Conservative MP Johnny Mercer says he has withdrawn his support for Theresa May and her government over the historical prosecution of servicemen and women.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Mr Mercer said it was “regrettable” that he could not continue to support the government.

He called on Mrs May to end the “abhorrent process” of “elderly veterans being dragged back to Northern Ireland” to face possible prosecution.

He has previously called for legislation to stop this happening.

I wholeheartedly support Mr Mercer’s stance.

In recent times military service personnel have been exposed to individual prosecution like never before – in particular historic cases from Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland. Whilst each set of circumstances and reasons behind these potential prosecutions differ, changes to the law are necessary in order to encompass all circumstances so to provide some form of protection for our serving soldiers and veterans.

Mr Mercer has also been subject to threats and bully boy tactics, something he previously experienced while successfully campaigning for the closure of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team.

It takes a brave person to put their head above the parapet and stand up for what is right.

In the past, I have been threatened with bully boy tactics. It can be frightening. But it can also strengthen your resolve and prove that you are in the right.

Two of the most pressing needs facing our country are the need to clean up politics and protecting the rights of our armed forces and veterans. Could Mr Mercer be the man to do both? I think he could be.

Hilary Meredith