Letter to The Times – soldiers being hung out to dry  

Times columnist Melanie Phillips is absolutely right when she says soldiers are being hung out to dry for errors that go right up the defence food chain.

Most of the claims referred to the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) have been proved to be bogus and have been fuelled by the promise of compensation cheques from a small group of lawyers.  The aggressive tactics employed by investigators from IHAT should also be reviewed.

Of course we have a duty to investigate potential wrong doing by our military (no one is suggesting otherwise) but the good the Human Rights Act was brought in to do is now in danger of being overshadowed by those who abuse it.

It is beyond doubt that the vast majority of UK service personnel deployed on military operations conduct themselves professionally and in accordance with the law.    We owe them a debt of gratitude for putting themselves in harm’s way to help keep Britain safe.  Let’s stop this madness and provide those subject to judicial process with a proper framework of support.

Hilary Meredith