Lord Faulks’ comments hide real objective of looking after insurers

Justice minister Lord Faulks has indicated that there will be no retreat on far-reaching plans to reform the personal injury sector.

Presenting the government’s proposals to restrict claims for whiplash, or claims under £5,000, as a way of protecting consumers, he said:

“It is not right that people who try to cheat the system should get away with it and, in doing so, force up the price of motor insurance for other motorists.”

If people are cheating the system should they not be prosecuted for fraud, rather than try and turn the whole system upside down. This is a very worrying development and hardly in the interest of justice.

From my own experience practising over many years, most people are very genuine and are only compensated because they have suffered an injury. Lord Faulks’ comments betray a mistrust and cynicism against the general public and hide the real objective of looking after insurance companies who don’t want to pay out when they are happy to take premiums from us all, in the guise of acting for “consumers”.

Sinead Cartwright, Partner.