Medical Research learned in battlefield helping civilians

I was fortunate to attend the Royal British Legion Annual Research Update Event held at the Royal British Legion Centre for Blast Injury Studies at Imperial College London yesterday.  The day comprised of speakers who are leaders in their field from the scientific community, from various backgrounds including military, medical and engineering.  What was very clear was the collaborative work being done across these fields to improve the quality of lives of both military and civilian victims of trauma.  Trauma injuries account for 45% of deaths in the UK at the present time and with the work and research being carried out in this field there is a real desire to reduce this number and the research is showing very positive results.

What was particularly interesting is that the work learnt on the battlefield is now being adapted in hospitals in the UK to improve the success rate for trauma victims.  This is now more relevant  than ever,  given the recent horrific events in Paris.  There is a greater ability now to treat injured people at the scene of the traumatic event so that their prospects of recovery are greatly improved.   It was encouraging to see the commitment and dedication of all those involved and a credit to the work being carried out by the RBL Centre for Blast Injury.

Sinead Cartwright, Partner, Hilary Meredith Solicitors