Michael Fallon and his ulterior motive

In a cost-cutting move, the MoD is scrapping the front line letters (e-blueys) between those serving on the front line and loved ones at home.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon has put forward proposals that will effectively wipe out any duty of care the MoD owes to our armed forces service personnel.

The confusion is caused by giving with one hand and taking with the other.  Nr Fallon’s promise to provide gratuitous pension payments equivalent to a court payment to injured service personnel is inextricably linked with total MoD immunity.  In reality, he is taking away the promise made to soldiers that they would not be disadvantaged when injured or killed in service.

Beware the Defence Minister bearing gifts.  They come with an ulterior motive.

Hilary Meredith