Military veterans deserve more

It is alarming, although not altogether surprising, to hear that the government is failing to abide by its military covenant – according to medical experts who treat injured soldiers.

Leading professors in psychology and orthopaedics say the healthcare system is not providing veterans with the service they have been promised.

The Armed Forces Covenant, described as a duty of care to the armed forces, states veterans should be “sustained and rewarded” .

But according to the BBC, Professor Neil Greenberg, from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said he believed ministers were failing to honour the military covenant promise.

Freedom of information figures obtained by the military charity Help for Heroes show almost 13,000 service personnel have been medically discharged for musculoskeletal disorders since 2001 – those who have lost limbs or have problems with ligaments and joints – with many requiring constant care throughout their lives.

Prof Tim Briggs, a leading orthopaedic surgeon, recently wrote the Chavasse report which outlined the problems former personnel face on the NHS.

This issue needs to be addressed – and right away.

Hilary Meredith