Miriam Parker and why I support a new driving offence

Total support for brave Miriam Parker who was knocked down on a Zebra Crossing on on New Year’s Day and almost lost her life.

Her brave struggle to walk and talk reflects so many of the clients I see and help with life plans to regain their quality of life.

The driver Amin Aminullah, who jumped a red light and hit her, shockingly received only a 4 year ban and a £1400 fine yet Miriam is now serving a life sentence of rehab and change.

Surely the act of running a red light and knocking some over on a zebra crossing is tantamount to attempted murder?

The law must be changed so there is a wake up call to all drivers. If you put yourself in the driving seat with a reckless approach to safety and life you must face the full consequences.

The law must be changed to reflect this and I would encourage you to sign this petition today:


Hilary Meredith