MOD ‘loses’ bayonets from training base

A military training centre in Devon has “lost” more than 8,000 pieces of equipment including 115 bayonets since 2008, the BBC has learned.

A list revealed that 8,312 items, including 13 dummy hand grenades and 2,860 pieces of cutlery, had been lost from the Lympstone Commando Centre.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) said the public was not in danger.

It added that the term “lost” included misplacements, damaged items or could be the result of poor accounting.

The list of items, released to the BBC as part of a Freedom of Information request, included 600 magazine assemblies for the SA80 assault rifle – although no bullets were missing.

It also included 470 items of clothing and footwear, 781 towels, seven garden rakes and five snow shovels.