MoD tries to make officers scapegoats to avoid responsibility

There was story in the Daily Mail this weekend about senior officers facing jail if men are killed in battle as a result of faulty equipment.

I’m not so sure that this is workable. ¬†Ultimately it is the Ministry of Defence, as an employer, who is vicariously responsible for a failure in the duty of care of its employees (senior officers) if things go wrong.

I am also not convinced that faulty equipment is the responsibility of officers in the field.  It is more likely to be the procurement agency back in the UK at the direction of the Ministry of Defence.

It all sounds to me like another ploy by the MoD to avoid responsibility and make officers scapegoats.

It is only when the common law test of negligence becomes so serious it is criminally reckless that an officer should be held personally held to blame.

Think again MoD and accept YOUR responsibilities.

by Hilary Meredith