MoD’s failings have left indelible mark on Army recruitment and morale

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has denied claims that the Army is “dangerously short” of deployable soldiers, following reports of a leaked sensitive document.
The Daily Mail originally revealed on Friday that it had seen a defence report labelled the MOD’s ‘Infantry Battalion Soldier Strength Summary – January 2021’ and marked “Official: Sensitive”.
According to the newspaper, the document showed all but one of the Army’s infantry battalions did not have enough combat-ready soldiers.
An Army spokeswoman told PA News Agency the force had achieved its target for infantry recruits in 2020 “and continues to actively recruit today”.
Is it really a surprise that the Army is short on numbers?
The appalling treatment of those falsely accused of war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, has left an indelible mark on recruitment and morale.

Until the MoD gets it act together and fully supports anyone who is falsely accused, matters will not improve.

As one veteran recently commented: “If you want to join the Army get a good lawyer”.

Hilary Meredith