More than £20 million of taxpayers’ money wasted on private investigators to hound our troops

It has now been revealed that he recruitment company that employs private investigators to probe the conduct of British troops in Iraq has been received more than £20 million in taxpayers’ money.
Ministers revealed the huge sums paid to Red Snapper Recruitment amid growing calls for the inquiry into alleged historic abuse be shut down.
Mike Penning, the armed forces minister, said in a parliamentary written answer that Red Snapper had been paid £20.8 million since winning the contract to provide staff for the Iraq Historic Allegations Team (Ihat) in 2013
The hounding of British troops is a disgrace and  the cost to the taxpayer has got totally out of hand.
The MoD stands by and does nothing when individuals are hounded and lives ruined ten or twenty years after serving in conflict zones away from family and friends with the daily risk of serious injury or death.

I am calling on the Ministry of Defence to guarantee the following:
1 – The right to a framework of help and support for serving and ex-military personnel to include, Chain of Command, welfare and medical support.
2 – The right to independent legal advice.
3 – The right for funding for such advice.
4 – The right to a fair trial.
5 – Time limits be imposed on these cases.
6 – The rights promised to military personnel under the military covenant to be upheld.
Johnny Mercer, Conservative MP and chairman of a parliamentary inquiry into the treatment of troops under Ihat investigation, said: “Ihat has been a spectacular failure. It has failed to complete its core function of prosecuting those who have broken the law; it has taken a devastating toll in the – at times unlawful – pursuit of those who have done no wrong; and it is an appalling waste of public money.”

Hilary Meredith