Mother’s musings..

Following our popular blog about our lovely receptionist Elsie – who is my mother – we’re delighted to announce the first of ‘Mother’s Musings’ that will be regularly posted here on our blog!

Elsie has a fantastic sense of humour, and given her first musings, at least she knows a good claims lawyer hey!

Enjoy – Hilary.

Mother’s Musings #1

Standing on a steel step ladder to change a D-fitting in the outside lights I thought – now what would happen if I had an electric shock? I would fall into the narrow space between the garden shed and the house wall and nobody would know I was there.

I could be there for weeks.My little dog would starve to death.The house would be wide open and probably be burgled or occupied by squatters and when somebody realised I was missing, my body would have been eaten by maggots! ┬áThen I thought to myself – “you stupid woman- SWITCH THE POWER OFF FIRST!”