MPs debating whether Northern Ireland veterans should be given immunity 

MPs will today debate whether or not veterans who served in Northern Ireland should be given immunity.
The Commons debate follows the success of a petition urging the Government to excuse Northern Ireland veterans from historical criminal investigations.  It was signed by more than 146,000 people.
Why would you serve in the British Military to be hounded later in life by countless accusations and prosecutions?

If the Government sends our men and women into war zones it should take corporate responsibility for any accusations that arise and stop the prosecution of individuals.

It is simply wrong to pursue our veterans for split decisions made decades ago under the most intense pressure.

I have always maintained that it will be a fundamental dereliction of duty if the Government fails to enact a statute of limitations to protect our troops.

Anything other than a statute of limitations, setting the maximum time after which legal proceedings may be initiated is a betrayal of our veterans, many of whom have already have had their lives ruined by false accusations and flawed, aggressive investigations.

In recent times military service personnel have been exposed to individual prosecution like never before.
Whilst each set of circumstances and reasons behind these potential prosecutions differ, changes to the law are necessary in order to encompass all circumstances.
New legislation is urgently needed in order to provide protection for our serving soldiers and veterans.

Hilary Meredith