New TV Advertisement Coming Soon!


Since the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 introduced a ban on referral fees in April this year, the market has seen some drastic changes as it seeks to adapt to the new regulatory environment.

While the ban on referral fees has shaken the PI market considerably we always viewed it as a positive motivation to change our attitude and look beyond the claims management companies, going back to focusing on developing a brand based on reputation and excellent client service.

On Friday I spent the day filming our latest television advertisement.  And what a day it was!

TV advertising is nothing new for the firm – fed up with the poor work fed to law firms at an extortionate price we stopped working with claims management companies in 2010 – but this campaign is undoubtedly our best yet.

A big thanks to world renowned stuntman Riky Ash – with his help and training I was able to complete 24 double roll-overs in a car in a rig!

We are thrilled with the end result which will be hitting your TV screens in the New Year.

Incredibly, 68.16% of new accepted cases are now self-generated from our brand reputation and we are hoping to improve significantly on this with our new campaign. Watch this space!