Northern Ireland – why the MoD must take corporate responsibility

It has been reported that as many as 1,000 ex-servicemen will be viewed as manslaughter or murder suspects in the multi-million pound trawl into the Troubles.

All 302 killings by British soldiers over 30 years of conflict are being investigated afresh — in marked contrast to the treatment of IRA terrorists and suspects who have been spared prosecution.

I’ve been contacted by very worried ex NI veterans.

The pursuing of individuals in the military acting in the line of duty has to be made the responsibility of their employer, the MoD.

In any other walk of life the employers are vicariously liable for acts or omissions of employees conducted in the course of their employment.

The military should be the same so that the employer is pursued, not the individual. The MoD needs to take corporate responsibility.

Hilary Meredith